Saturday, February 25, 2017

Marie's Story

Marie's Story about how God brought her Louis:

I received Jesus Christ when I was 19 years old, and believed I would be married in God's timing.  I realized in my 30's when I still wasn't married, that something was really wrong.
I kept meeting men I did not find worthy of marriage.  I tried online dating, reading books, and researching online about how to get married.  One of my friends read Bethany Scanlon's book, Where's My Mate?,  and recommended I read it.  

 Where's My Mate? made it clear that Satan hates marriage, and he tries to prevent us from meeting a mate and getting married.  I met Bethany Scanlon and attended about seven of her Want To Find Your Mate? Bible Study that she taught in person.  Another famous author I respect, said "The problem with America is renegade males", and I have to agree.  Many so called "Christian" men would still try to have sex with me outside of marriage.  I tried about twenty different dating services, online and expensive search services.  I went to every Christian singles service or party I could at many churches all over Houston, Texas where I live.  I found there were far fewer single men attending church than women.  I researched what men like, what they want in a wife, and really did my best to look pretty every time I went out.  

I attended a Christian ministry event once a month where I met a nice man named Louis, who I would say hello too and chat with at the event.  In December of 2015, we both attended the ministry's Christmas party, and and he sat next to me at the event.  Afterwards, I asked him to join me at a local restaurant to have dessert, and he accepted.  We started seeing each other frequently, and he soon told me he had a crush on me, and I told him I had a crush on him also.  On Valentine's Day we attended Bethany Scanlon's  Want To Find Your Mate? Bible Study and the topic she taught on was sexual purity. I know many men want sex outside wedlock, but the Bible says to wait until marriage. I wanted to make sure Louis knew clearly what the Bible said, and that he would agree to wait.  We went to dinner that evening and I still felt some pressure from him to do more than kissing.  Louis' home church was teaching a series on dating, and they were  discussing sexual purity, so I asked him to attend the class and he did.  I was kind but firm about waiting and I would constantly say, "if you like it put a ring on it".  I would pray in tongues often and bind Satan off our relationship.  He proposed in May 2016, and we got married in October.  

I always dressed my best, was kind but firm with him, but I did not tell him I was waiting until marriage until about 6 weeks after we started dating. I did not like to tell a man I was "waiting until marriage" on our first date, (or the 2nd or 3rd)  I was just firm in my convictions and did not let a man pressure me.  I had read several pre - marital  books so I knew to ask Louis a lot of questions.  I learned sometimes it takes a bit of time for a man to fall in love, so I tried to be light hearted, kind and easy to get along with.  He is a handsome, Spirit filled, Christian man who is financially wise, and a great provider. Those were my requirements for a mate.  I am very blessed and thankful.  It was a spiritual battle receiving a Godly mate, and getting married.  I appreciate Bethany's encouragement and prayers.  She and her husband Lucas prayed over me and were so kind and helpful!